Top 10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Whether mom has a brown thumb or a green thumb, Frazee Gardens has a gift that she can put to use! From hanging baskets to garden art, these gifts inspire, amuse and can hopefully become a part of a successful garden.

Hanging Basket

Frazee Gardens offers a variety of hanging baskets in a plethora of colors. These hanging baskets are perfect for the mom who lives in a home with a porch or even an apartment/condo with a patio! Does mom live in a nursing home? Brighten up her room with a beautiful hanging basket outside her window on a Shepards hook (if allowed, of course)!

Butterfly Attracting Plants

Does your mom love butterflies? Get her the gift that keeps on giving with any plant from the mint family, a lantana, salvia or one of our ornamental grasses. These plants are all great for attracting butterflies!

Small Herb Garden

For the chef, city dweller, or the “brown thumb”, a small herb garden is a great start to gardening. Let mom grow her own herbs for pizza, tea, salsa, or anything she may use herbs for.



Houseplants are great for the mom who may not have a garden or prefers to pick her outdoor plants on her own. Did you know houseplants can actually help to keep toxins out of the air? And they make your house into your own urban jungle!

Garden Art

Nervous about buying a plant for mom because she is the “master gardener”? Not to worry, Frazee Gardens has a wide selection of garden art and pottery to help add to moms garden without having to pick a plant she may already have. From stone “zen” statues to brightly colored garden art, we have got you covered.


Give the gift of Mother Nature with a dogwood or magnolia, both are currently in full bloom. These trees are beautiful and blooming and would be the perfect addition to any yard. Frazee Gardens even has fruit trees for another gift that keeps giving.


Beneficial Insect House

For the mom who gardens and wants the best for her garden, a beneficial insect house is an excellent gift. While many insects destroy parts of your garden, many insects also contribute to a thriving garden. The beneficial insect house works with you to control pests and pollinate flowers.

Wind Chime

Not quite sure moms level of gardening or not feeling comfortable buying her flowers? Consider a wind chime instead! Frazee Gardens has multiple selections of shapes, colors and sizes. You will be sure to find one for your mother, regardless of what her style may be!

Big Green Egg 

For the mom who loves a good cook out, grilling, baking or smoking, the big green egg is an eggcelent gift! The Big Green Egg is easy to use and can be used to grill, smoke, bake or sear any type of treat from meat to pizza to pies. It also comes in a variety of sizes, making it perfect for any family. Make mom the backyard barbecue hero this Mother’s Day!

Rose Bush

Ditch the bouquet of roses this Mother’s Day and get mom the gift of a rose bush! Frazee Gardens rose bushes are in full bloom and it is the perfect time to purchase them. They prefer full sun and would add a perfect pop of color to any landscape!

Pair any of these gifts with one of Frazee Gardens Mother’s Day cards, making Frazee Gardens your one stop gift shop. Of course if you are still not sure what to get mom, grab one of our cards and get her a gift card to pick out what she wants!



Plant this Fall for Success in the Spring

Plant this Fall for Success in the Spring

Fall is the perfect time to plant perennials, shrubs and trees. While many mistakenly think the upcoming winter will be too harsh on a new plant, it actually provides the plant time to develop a strong root system – which is the most important thing for any new plant.

The soil here in Indiana will stay warm enough into the early winter to provide ample conditions for your plant to grow and the benefits of the fall rain help the roots spread out.  Giving your plant time to establish a healthy root system before the hot, dry conditions of the summer make fall planting the ideal time for your shrubs, perennials and trees.

When planting, many of the same tips we brought to you last fall in our blog “5 Tips to Buying and Planting a Tree in Indiana this Fall,” will apply to your shrubs and perennials.  Be sure not to dig your hole too deep, but provide enough space for the roots to spread out by digging the hole typically two-times as wide as the root ball.  Be careful not to over-water and you might consider root stimulator and plant starter.  Stop in and let one of our expert staff help you pick the right plant for your home as well as the best solutions for keeping your new plant healthy.

5 Tips to Buying and Planting a Tree in Indiana this Fall

Contrary to what you might think, the benefits of planting a tree in the Fall outweigh those of planting in the Spring. While you’re not going to see any growth during winter months, planting a tree in the Fall allows the root system to establish before going dormant in the winter. Trees also use energy trying to survive the dry Summer months and blooming in the Spring which leaves the Fall time as the most relaxed season for trees to establish new residency.


  1. Pick the right tree. Red Maples and Tulip trees do great in Indiana. If you’re looking for an evergreen tree, you can’t go wrong with a spruce; however, be sure to pick the right spruce for the amount of available space. Colorado Blue and Norway Spruce are fine selections as long as there is thirty feet available for them to grow to mature size. Black Hills and Fat Albert are able to grow in tighter areas with mature widths of twelve to twenty feet. You might consider a Hemlock if the area is more shaded.
  2. Pick the right size. Make sure to look up when you decide on a location to make sure the tree won’t eventually grow into anything (power line, over hanging deck…etc). Think about how tall you want the tree within the first few years and be sure to have realistic expectations about your tree’s growth during this time. You may have heard the saying “the first year they sleep, the second year they creep, and the third year they leap,” this is important to remember while selecting the right tree for your home. If you want to enjoy a certain height within the first couple of years, it would be wise to invest in a more mature tree now, instead of hoping it will grow quickly.
  3. Planting. The most common mistake made when planting a tree is planting it too deep in the soil. An easy way to determine proper depth for tree installation is to take the butt end of a shovel and hold it next to the root ball guiding your hand until it reaches the top of the root ball. Then, place another shovel across the hole and place the shovel marked by your hand into the hole. Your hand should be real close to the shovel that is laid across the hole. A little shallow is much more acceptable than too deep. Before you plant, be sure to do some research on the type of tree and its size to help ensure you plant at the proper depth. Before filling the hole back in, stand back and check to see that the tree is straight.
  4. Watering—don’t overdo it. One of the benefits of planting in the Fall is that you take advantage of what the cooler, wetter months provide naturally – so be careful not to over-water your tree. When the first frost hits, you can put the garden hose away until the ground thaws in the spring.
  5. Low maintenance vs. pro maintenance. While the maintenance of the tree is fairly low once it is in the ground, there are some things to consider before the average DIY warrior decides to tackle planting a tree. How much time do you want to invest in the project? What are you going to do with the excess dirt after digging the hole? How do you properly stake the tree? What is the proper way to prune? How much are you willing to risk on your investment by doing it yourself? Like many things around your home, there are some things best left to the professionals. At Brownsburg Landscape, we have professionally trained staff who take pride in planting trees and enjoy helping you beautify your home.

Dan Bonner is the Sales and Customer Service Representative with Brownsburg Landscape. Dan has been helping Brownsburg Landscape customers beautify their homes for over 19 years. Give Dan a call today at 317-852-8440 to talk about your next landscaping project.