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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…and our fresh-cut Christmas Trees are in. We’re proud to once again carry three of the most popular species of Christmas Trees, all grown right here in Indiana: Scotch Pine, White Pine and Fraser Fir. Any one of these trees will look great in your home, selecting the right tree is really a matter of personal preference. With that said, there are some things to keep in mind to make sure you get the most out of the type of tree you want, so we’ve put together a few tips along with an overview of each of the trees we carry.

When selecting the perfect tree for your home, the first thing that comes to many people’s mind is size and fullness. Height, circumference and fullness are certainly important, but you also want to consider needle type and branch strength, as these might affect how you are able to decorate.  Below is an overview of our trees:

Scotch Pine
5 – 8 ft.
$24.99 – $44.99

Scotch Pines are wide trees with stiff branches which are great if you plan to hang heavy ornaments. They typically are full and have a nice shape to them. They have good needle retention and the needles are on the softer side. Scotch Pines look great with lights, garlands, ribbons and can support heavier ornaments – just keep in mind they are very full trees, so ornaments may not “pop” as much when nestled in with its needles. These trees have a very light fragrance, so they are the best option for someone who wants the look and feel of a real tree without the smell. 


White Pine
6 – 8 ft.
$39.99 – $56.99

White Pines are typically very full and have soft and fluffy appearance. Typically they have 3-5” needles which can support light ornaments, but are not the best option for heavier ornaments. These trees look great when decorated with lights, garlands and ribbons. White Pines have a slight, pleasant fragrance that is stronger than a Scotch Pine, but less than a Fraser Fir.

Fraser Fir
6 – 9 ft.
$69.99 – $94.99

Fraser Firs are one of the most classic-looking Christmas Trees. They have short, soft needles that tend to last the entire holiday season. It is the most fragrant of our Christmas Trees with a strong, pleasant fragrance. The branch structure and short needles make this tree the best option for displaying ornaments (light or heavy). Fraser Firs have a blueish-green appearance and are traditionally one of the most popular species of Christmas Trees.

When selecting your tree, it really comes down to personal preference. Remember to think about the height of your tree (don’t forget to account for the stand and star on top) and how much floor space your tree will take up. Check for fullness and evenness while keeping in mind there is no “perfect” tree – remember, you can always position any imperfections on the wall-side or least-visible side of your display area. Every tree we sell comes with a free fresh cut, netting/wrap, and we’ll even help load it to your car and tie it down.