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Believe it or not, Fall is a great time to plant a tree. The benefits of planting in the fall far outweigh those of planting in the Spring. While you’re not going to see the growth during the winter months, your tree’s root system will be developing which will have it ready to thrive in Spring. 

We’ve got six of our favorite trees to plant in the fall listed here. Just be sure to keep in mind the size and desired function (shade, screening, aesthetics, etc.), while picking out the perfect tree for your home.  

As the state tree of Indiana, it makes sense that this tree leads off on our list. But there are many reasons why we love the Tulip Poplar here in central Indiana. This fast-growing tree has unique butterfly-shaped leaves and beautiful color in both spring and fall. With a mature height of 60 feet or more, this is a great shade tree.

If you’re looking to add some interest with a tree while rounding our your landscaping, the June Snow Dogwood is a great fit. The berries on this tree will attract birds and other wildlife while mixing in underneath taller shade trees. They can grow to 25 feet tall, so you’ll want to be strategic with your placement, but the white flowers in spring and red fall color will make you want to place this tree where it can be seen.

Evergreens are a great way to keep some color on your property during the winter months. The Norway Spruce is a fast grower that develops strong branches. These trees are often used along property lines as a way to provide privacy or screen wind. They provide shelter to animals and are beautiful to decorate with lights during the holidays.

If you’re looking for vibrant color in the spring, the pink and lavender flowers of a redbud are hard to beat. These small to medium accent trees have heart-shaped leaves which turn yellow in the fall. They hold onto seed pods in the winter which provide interest during the cold months.

This medium shade tree will grow to 35-40 tall in a beautiful pyramidal shape. Growing narrower than other maples, it’s a great tree to work into tight landscapes. A durable tree that is a fast grower. As suggested by its name, this tree has red seeds in the fall and turns a vibrant red in the fall.

As indicated in its name, the River Birch naturally grows well along riverbanks, but can be used almost anywhere as part of your landscape design. This tree’s unique peeling, curling bark provides a lot of character. It does need plenty of water, so you’ll want to plan out where you plant it, but it does well in most areas of central Indiana. It is a hardy shade three with a nice yellow color in the fall.

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