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Whether you’re looking to plant an entire garden or maybe or just need a plant or two, we’ve got a variety of fruits, veggies and herbs to suit your needs. Grow your edibles from seeds or let us get things started for you.

Our Favorites

Here are items we recommend you purchase and use with edibles to make sure you get the results you want:

  • Ferti-lome Fish Emulsion Fertilizer
  • Monty’s Fruit & Vegetable Plant Food
  • Ferti-lome Tomato & Vegetable Fertilizer

General tips for planting and caring for edibles:

  • Select the proper setting for your edible. Know whether you need full sun or part sun and where that means you need to plant or place the container at your home. South and West facing areas are typically best for full sun.
  • Improper watering is the number one cause of an edible not making it, so make sure you read and follow the directions that come with your edible. If you’re planting in a container, know that soil tends to dry out quicker than if it was in planted in the ground. But be careful not to over-water.
  • Good soil leads to good edibles. We sell many great potting mixes which are great when filling containers and we have many products that can help kick-start your full garden.
  • Bigger is better…at least when choosing a container. Be careful not to overcrowd your edibles. While they may fit great into a certain container when you plant, remember to give the roots enough room to grow out and strong – this will also help your soil hold water.
  • If you’re new to gardening edibles, start with herbs. Herbs are typically easier to care for and are more resilient than fruits or veggies.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings. Look for trees or other objects that might throw shade onto the area where you want to plant or store containers. Just because the area is open to the South or West, doesn’t always mean it will receive sun all day.

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