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Plant it once and watch the beauty come back year after year with Perennials from Frazee Gardens. We have the perfect perennial for your project whether you need sun or shade, want to attract butterflies or birds, and add layers to your garden by adding plants that bloom various times during the growing season.

Some of Our Favorite Perennials

Here are items we recommend you purchase and use with perennials to make sure you get the results you want:

  • Ferti-lome Root Stimulator & Plant Starter Solution
  • Ferti-lome Fish Emulsion Fertilizer
  • Soil Amendments – Mushroom Compost, Planter Mix

General tips for planting and caring for perennials:

  • Planting: Dig a hole slightly wider than the original pot, but no deeper than the original. Spread and loosen the roots and place in the ground. Fill in with soil, pressing firmly around the roots, and water well.
  • Be sure to water perennials well after planting them.
  • Taller perennials may need to be supported until the roots develop a firm hold in the soil.
  • Cutting off faded flowers (deadheading) will not only make your plants look better, it will help yield more blooms and a healthier plant.
  • Depending on how rich your soil is, you may need to feed your plants occasionally. Typically, a general-purpose garden fertilizer will do the trick. Be sure to follow directions on the fertilizer and be careful not to overfertilize your plants.
  • Some perennials may need a small layer of mulch to prepare for winter and ensure they will come back the following season.
  • Coneflowers not look great, but do great in Indiana. This is a low-maintenance option is great for filling in the gaps between other plants and adding layers of height to your garden.
  • Before choosing your perennials, be sure to think about where you are planting and whether it is spot for sun or shade.
  • Before planting, make sure you are aware of how tall each perennial will grow and plant accordingly.
  • When planting, be sure to leave room above ground level if you plan to add mulch around your perennial.

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