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Frazee Gardens is proud to sell some of the most beautiful mums available in central Indiana. The reason our mums are the best is simple: they are planted and cared for by experts until the day you decide to take one – or several ­– home.

Our mums are grown locally by Brownsburg Landscape – planted, cared for, and maintained daily at their facility, until the short 10-minute trip to our store in late September and throughout October. Once they arrive at Frazee Gardens, they are cared for by our team of plant experts. All of this expert attention means we offer you the hardiest, healthiest, most symmetrical, longest-lasting mums that you can find.

With the beauty, ease-of-care, and multitude of decorating options mums provide, they are a staple of fall décor. However, with so many places selling mums these days, it’s tempting to just pick one up while you’re at the grocery or “big box” store. But we urge you to resist that temptation…and we’ll show you why.

Not all mums are created equal:
On September 26, 2019, we purchased four mums, in one hour, from four different stores in Brownsburg. In the spirit of fairness, we selected the best looking mums that were already in bloom from each location. We purchased from: 1. Frazee Gardens (obviously), 2. Lowe’s, 3. Kroger, and 4. Walmart. And rather than tell you about the differences, we thought we’d show you.
*Please note that the sizes of the mums vary slightly, as did the prices; however, we selected the mums that were most similar in both size and price.

*These photos have not been altered or edited beyond the text added in the picture above.

Top view of mums:

Individual shots and our comparison notes:

Care tips for your Frazee Gardens mum at home:

  • Displaying: Since your mums are purely for fall decorating (you’re not planting them), we recommend keeping them in the plastic container they come in – even if you’re dropping them into a more decorative container. Because our mums are so hardy, transplanting them into another container can be tricky. Your mum will be safe and look great all fall in the plastic container we put them in.
  • Watering: Check the soil moisture every day, keeping the top 1” of the soil moist. You can use the “finger test” by pushing your index finger in about to the first knuckle. If your finger comes out clean it’s time to water; if your finger comes out with dirt stuck to it you probably don’t need to water. Most mums will take water every one to two days.
  • Deadheading: Let your mum’s energy flow to the buds rather than spent flower heads. To deadhead your mum, use your thumb and index finger to pinch just underneath the flower head and remove. This will encourage further blooming and allow your mum to last longer.
  • Placement: For best results, place your mum in an area that gets at least 6 hours of sunlight daily. If you’re displaying your mum on a covered or shaded porch (next to your front door maybe), try to move your mum into the sun during the day and back to the decorative area in the evening (or whenever you need your fall display to look complete).

The Fall Tree Sale – going on October 4, 5 & 6 – is the perfect time to pick up a beautiful mum and much more.