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Imagine for a moment you possessed the ability to give the gift of peace and relaxation. Would you pass it onto others? Would you keep it for yourself? Maybe you would do both?

Now imagine it’s a pleasant summer evening and you’re sitting in your favorite chair on your back porch. You’re sipping your favorite summer drink as the gentle summer breeze softly conducts the relaxing sounds of a wind chime. Peace and relaxation level 10, stress level zero.

Wind chimes are more than just an instrument to create soothing sounds. In fact, they date back to over 5,000 years ago when they were believed to help ward off evil spirits by the people of Ancient Rome and Southeastern Asia.  Over the years, wind chimes evolved to serve a variety of purposes from keeping animals and birds away from crops, to expressing sympathy as a memorial gift, to simply providing something pleasant on the eye and gentle on the ear.

Just as there are many different purposes of a wind chime, there are many different characteristics that you need consider when selecting the perfect wind chime.  When selecting the right wind chime, you need to consider what material you like both in terms of appearance and the tone it will create.  You also need to be aware of the size of the wind chime in relation to the space in which you will hang it (typically, the bigger the wind chime, the louder it will be).  And finally, there are a variety of designs, colors and styles of wind chimes, so select one that suits your personality and coordinates with your existing outdoor décor.

Frazee Gardens carries a wide variety of wind chimes. Stop in and browse on your own or let one of our friendly customer service associates help you select the perfect wind chime.

Pro Tip: A wind chime makes a great gift for a special loved one. Not only will they enjoy the sound and beauty of the gift, but they will think of you each time they hear the relaxing sounds of the wind chime.