An Indiana summer can bring a variety of weather any given week. We can go from mild and rainy to hot and dry virtually overnight, which can make it challenging to keep your flowers in tip-top shape.

The best thing you can do for your flowers is to help them develop a hearty root system. Using a good fertilizer every 7-14 days is a good rule of thumb and is going to help your roots grow stronger and yield greener leaves, more flowers, larger blooms, etc.

Here in Indiana, we have found that ferti-lome® Blooming and Rooting Soluble Plant Food 9-58-8 works really well for flowering shrubs, trees, roses, orchids — really all blooming and fruit bearing plants. This is a tried-and-true product we carry at Frazee Gardens and use on our flowers, plants, shrubs, veggies and fruits on a regular basis.

Along with fertilizing, another great reminder is to give your flowers and plants a “hair cut” from time to time. As your plant continues to grow, it is sending all its nutrients to the flowers at the end of the vine, and the rest of the plant has a hard time keeping up and staying healthy. By cutting back, you are allowing the rest of the plant to catch up and it will flush back out fuller and healthier than before.

We hope these tips and reminders will help you keep your plants and flowers looking their best.